I'm Becky and I absolutely love what I get to do. I get to tell stories and it just doesn't get any better than that. I'm not talking big stories, though big stories can be beautiful, too. I'm talking small stories, real stories, the ones that add up to create a meaningful life. The ones you miss if you don't stop and catch them. Like the story resting on your shoulder after he brushes your hair away. Or the story in the chipped paint on your new front porch together. The story on your sweet dog's slobbery wet nose. The story on your grandmother's tarnished bracelet you wear down the aisle. The story in his eyes when he first sees you in your white dress.

Those are the stories I live for. And they are the reasons I photograph. I want to capture the unguarded love and memories that are yours alone. Because I believe every moment has a story worth capturing, if we'll only take the time to stop and see it.