mac & reggie : wed

Mac and Reggie's wedding was a joy to capture, for so many reasons. A joy because they chose to get married in an art gallery on Abbot Kinney. Because they have incredible family and friends who welcomed us and celebrated all day. Because they're gorgeous. But most of all, because their love is Quiet.

Don't get me wrong. Mac and Reggie aren't quiet people. Mac and Reggie are funny and vibrant and engaging. But their love, it is quiet. It is a deep love, and exceptionally strong... Quiet.

It is the love I long to shoot each and every day. It is the kind of love that isn't needy, doesn't need to be in close proximity at all times. It is the kind that silently reaches across a room as they mingle with friends in opposite corners, always connected. It is a calm love and a confident love, and because it is confident, they are at ease. And that ease invites others into their love, into loving one another. I have said before that one of Neph's greatest blessings to me is how he carves out – and guards – a space for me to grow and change, to be transformed as I walk, to try and to fail. And that is what Mac and Reggie, for one another but also for everyone they spend time with. They carve out spaces.

Mac quoted Tom Robbins in her vows to Reggie, saying "Love is the ultimate outlaw," and how true that is. Indeed, I have no doubt Mac and Reggie will "aid and abet" one another because their love is never in question. Never doubted. They have found home in one another, and wherever that home goes, they are up for the adventure. Because no matter, they carry their love. Their quiet, and deep, and exceptionally strong love.

Enjoy their wedding day.