tori & andy : wed

I have this belief about weddings... well, I have a lot of beliefs about weddings, actually, but one of them is this: weddings are not for acquaintances. They're not. Rather, they're for friends and for family and for loved ones. These people are witnessing one of the most important days of your entire life. They are there to laugh with you, to cry with you, to commit to support you and your marriage through the years to come. Even with all its celebration and joy, a wedding is very much an intimate thing. That's what I believe, at least. And that's why my photography isn't under "Rebecca Trejo" or even "Becky Trejo." It's under Becks.

I was born Rebecca, have gone by Becky since forever, but Becks is like my accidental friendship litmus test. I can always tell when a friendship has truly blossomed, because one day, out of nowhere, they'll turn to me and say "Hey Becks, hand me that wine opener," or "Does this top look stupid with these shoes, Becks?" or "Becks, can you Tivo the opening ceremony of the Olympics next week for me??!! I don't want to miss it like last time!!" It just slips out. Becks. It's mindless, but it's what my friends call me. And if I'm going to shoot your wedding, we have to be friends. I don't deserve the privilege of being a part of your huge day any other way. I need to know you and your story and you need to know me. We need to laugh together and talk boys together. You need to be instantly comfortable in front of my camera. And on the off chance that you end up moving to Canada years later, I need to come to your brother's apartment and drink wine with you and party with the gang and cry a lot and laugh even more (I miss you, Lisamarie).

This is how I capture my brides' wedding days. As their friend. So imagine the serendipity when one of our friends is getting married and we get to shoot the wedding! The important part is already done!! Aahh! It's celebration time! That's what happened when Tori & Andy got engaged. Andy is in Neph's worship band, and Tori is the love of his life. To say they are made for one another is an understatement. Andy is a torrent of enthusiasm and excitement – such a blessing in this indifference-riddled and apathetic day – and Tori is just enough love and humor to keep up with him. I could go on about them for hours, but maybe I'll save that for the engagement session I have yet to blog. For now, turn on some Drew Barefoot and enjoy their wedding... (My sweet, talented husband joined me for this wedding, so all the boys getting ready? That's him. And much more.)