je t'adore : anchor paper co.

It's a beautiful thing when your friends make stuff you're excited about it, when they do things you admire and just plain like. That's Anchor Paper Co. Our friends, Drew & Kelsey, started this beautifully crafted, hand-letterpressed paper company and I like it. Reeeally like it. Watch-out-don't-drool-it's-so-gorgeous like it. Drew is the most brilliant typographer; I'm consistently floored by him. And Kelsey is... well... Kelsey's just too much for words. She's a stylist, a storyteller, a chef, an encourager, a creator. The list goes on. The four of us (Neph included) have long talked about collaborating on some Anchor stuff – because that's what you do, right? You laugh with your friends, you cry with your friends, and you most definitely create with your friends. When Valentine's rolled around and, along with it, their beautiful French Feelings Collection, it was time. I sat down with Kels and she told me her vision. I squealed, I was so excited.  Everything came together in a whirlwind week and what follows are just a few images of the story we captured... I love the way Kelsey tells it here, but for the rest of the images, visit the Anchor Paper Co blog. Do me a favor and turn on some "La Vie En Rose" while you're at it.

Have a romantic afternoon!